creating to create

The farther you go along an artistic career path, the more you start to realize that it is very easy to lose sight of the origins of creativity…the impetus to create for creating’s sake. There is something very pure about this form of creating, and the kind of artists who operate from this place make the kind of work that I find most interesting. There is something about adding commerce to the mix that dilutes this potent creativity (think of a giant Hollywood blockbuster that rakes in money but is basically terrible, special effects replacing plot and substance, vs. an excellent independent film that barely makes anything, but is outside the box, engaging, witty, smart, and offers something you’ve never seen before).

So anyway, I am drawn to artists where this purity of creativity is evident, and I wanted to share the instagram page of one I discovered recently, Gustavo Fuentes. I was drawn to many things in his art…the geometric patterns, the fact that he uses tape, which is easily removable and doesn’t destroy the surfaces he creates on, his use of an old wall by the LA River as a canvas, and designs that are both simple and complex at the same time.



I’ve been in a creative limbo time for a bit and it’s been frustrating. One can’t really control these things, or wish them away when they appear. Such is life for everyone, huh. I certainly don’t have any answers about any of it. But it does feel like I am in the midst of a shift. It may be just a temporary one, or it may become a new direction. The outcome is not clear (nor is it the point, I might add).

So anyway, the thought occurred to me today, what if I just take on creative projects that only involve working with other people collaboratively for a period (as opposed to the typical solo art projects that drive most artist careers). This idea has been brewing in me for quite a while.  Right now, anything outside of the creative box I’ve been in will be a good thing, is what I’m thinking. The more divergent the path, the better. Maybe it will end up being a somewhat inadvertent, unplanned experiment.

So on that note, this weekend I am helping out a yarn bombing group in downtown Los Angeles (for those unfamiliar with yarn bombing, look here). I do not knit, but I can sew (barely), and we are sewing together knitted pieces for a large public installation in Grand Central Market. The finished product will be unveiled in November. Also in the works is a photography project involving a friend’s collection of vintage chairs and Venice alleyways.

Random experiments are good, especially in a creative field. They almost always lead to something fresh.