a new chapter

After almost seven (!) years, the time has finally come to end this blog…I have loved sharing my art and my creative journey here over the past several years, and it has been a really foundational place for me to find my voice as an artist and express it to all of you. If you’ve ever followed me here or interacted with me in some way in this space, thank you!! It has meant a lot to me. Going forward, I will still be sharing my creative projects in a public fashion, and the best places to follow my progress from here on out are either through social media or by signing up for my newsletter, which you can do here. You can find me on twitter and instagram at @karen_e_kinney and can follow me on Facebook.

2017 holds a lot of excitement as I will be building a temporary installation for the airport in Los Angeles, am self-publishing a book on creativity sometime in the late spring or early summer, and will also be painting a mural in Mexico! For all of these projects and others, please do connect with me on social media and stay in touch – I very much hope to connect with you in the rest on my online world!


Not that more words are needed on this past week’s political events, as everything that can and could be said has been. But, for what it’s worth, a short sentiment I posted on Facebook to aid in moving forward…

“Stronger together is still true. I’m personally finding healing as I place my focus on those around me who are also disenfranchised. Being in Mexico is turning out to be a gift, as it challenges me to rise above the grief I feel as a woman and take up solidarity with all peoples who are marginalized in some way (in this case, an entire country that was villainized).

Many who voted for Trump are also in the camp of the marginalized. Their pain is also real. This is where healing can begin. We must practice empathy for all people, put on mantles of love, and despite our pain, work for the interests of all those who feel they have no voice. It is the only way forward.”