Sometimes the path through life is winding and offers up untrodden twists and turns that hint at adventure and spark curiosity. It also asks for a willingness to surrender to the unknown, to trust the turns without being able to see the path laid out, and to delight in the myriad of discoveries that are within reach with each step. An explorer’s path.

And quite often, it seems, in life, right next to this wooded path of the unknown is a concrete highway laid bare, a multitude of cars whizzing by in a well-defined straight line. Because this path is well-traversed and quite delineated, the drivers need not pay attention to the immediate surroundings nor even to which way to head their racing vehicles. Highways lend themselves to speed and arriving at a mirage at the end of the road.

As I stand between freeway and wooded glen, it is the winding path that seems to be beckoning. I glance over my shoulder at the concrete road and feel a seed of doubt. A bird chirps on the trail and flutters a few steps ahead. It is the winding path I will take, with hands open and a receptive spirit.